Dey Krahorm Project  


Battambang Conamb Cement Company Limited is located in Borey New World, # 21, Street 3, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh. The company has registered business number: Co.1427E / 2015 on April 22, 2015 with a value of $ 1 million, which is a private limited liability company and operates within 34 years. The company's Directors are Madam HUN SEN, Vice President, Board of Directors and other four governors.
The project area covers an area of ​​173 hectares in Bonnong Village, Srov Commune, Rattanak Mondul District, Battambang Province, and is approximately 35 km from Battambang city and about 500 meters from National Road No. 57 (Rattanak Mondul District).
In the area of ​​red soil, it is found that most of the area is in southeast, about 2,100 meters long and 1,300 meters wide, with a total capacity of 306,000 cubic meters.
Where the explosion is based on the amount of red soil that can not be transported or taken away using the scaffold, the projector will use ammunition. Through the process of drilling, the project organizes the following activities:
- The blast hole is approximately 10 holes to 15 holes
- 3.5 mm front lid
- Drilling gap of 04 m
- Angle gradient level 75 °
- Depth for drilling 12,5 meters
In order to complete the production line of the Dey Krahorm project, the company employs a total of 20 employees, including 19 Cambodians and 1 Chinese national.