Business projects of sand and sand mud mix 


Udom Seima Peanich Industry and Mine Co., Ltd is headquartered in Phum 4, Dangkorng Village, Khemarak Commune, Russey District, Koh Kong Province. The company is a private limited liability company that receives the Certificate of Registration of Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia No. 1242 KH / 2007 dated August 8, 2007.The company's registered capital is US $ 1,000,000. The reason why the project proposes to invest in 38.7 hectares of sand, mud and sand is located in the Prek Trapeang Roung village of Koh Kong in Trapeang Roung commune, Koh Kong district, Koh Kong province. Investigating the potential of investment and contributing to the development of the mineral resources sector as well as raising Cambodia's economic level by paying taxes, providing employment opportunities to local people and supplying sand products in markets both inside and outside the country. Abroad.
For the mixing activities in the request area, the company has organized 11 mechanical engineering equipments. Particularly, for all 11 engines, General Motors Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Dai Cat Import Export Pte., Ltd. Stocks of sand stock are stocked at stockpiles to separate each mix by principle (separating sand and sand and mud mix).
The sand and construction projects of sand and mud brick are 38,7 hectare, with total amount of 1,440,000 tons. Therefore, according to the business plan, it is 10 years, with annual catch activity of 1,440,000 tons / year.