Business projects for sand and soil mixed with sand.

Global Green (Cambodia) Energy Development Co., LTD

Global Green (Cambodia) Energy Development CO., LTD, headquartered at 205BC, Street 51, Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, whose business location is along the Mekong River. Areykrat Commune, Lvea Em District, Kandal Province. The company has registered in the Trade Register of the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia on Certificate No. 9706, Ho Chi Minh City with the business registration number Co.1235 KH / 2013 dated 26 August 2015. The Company's registered capital is 20,000,000 (20,000,000) Riel.
The reason why the project proposes to invest 270.70 hectares of sand on the Mekong river, Aryati Kut commune, Lvea Em district, Kandal province, examining the potential of investment and contributing to the development of the mining sector as well as increasing the country's economic level. Cambodia by paying taxes, providing employment opportunities to local people and supplying b Construction on the domestic and foreign markets.
The 270.70-hectare sand mining project has a five-year business plan, with a 1.300,000 cubic meters of annual extraction activity, including 200 for sand. 000 cubic meters of sand and sand to fill 1,100,000 cubic meters per year.
Sand Harvesting and Sand Potters First, the company uses a sand pump in the project's location where the company will capture sand at a depth of 3 meters from the bottom of the river to maintain the 6-meter altitude. A distance of at least 50 meters from the shore, using a mobile image simulation technique along the license path of the license. The second set of defined by 1 week mobile pumping again, depending on the thickness of the sand that has already captured the sand is put into New Zealand. The next phase of the sand is to transport the sand mixture to the sand storage depot. The company then transfers the sand into the car to get the location to be used.

According to expert estimates, the amount of sand has a sand content of 1,300,000 cubic meters (m 3) per year. So the age of the sand business is 10 years. The labor force for the sand exploitation process is 40 people, all Cambodians and not foreign, and has special skills. The workers who work in the project are required to experience the machine command. For machinery, two types of equipment are in accordance with technical conditions, such as sand and sandwich steamers, with over 500 hp.