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All of us are living in different house, town and country of each continent. However, air we breathe, water we use, the sun shining on us; all are connected together in the world. It means that what is drained, emitted and/or discarded by human and activities of a factory or an enterprise, etc, may cause pollution in-situ, spreading into other places of the world.These pollution cause direct disasters and climate change leading to unprecedented and anxious indirect disasters to our world.Hence, most of countries, including the Kingdom of Cambodia, enacted or revised their environmental law and regulation in accordance with international agreements, protocol, etc, in order to join environmental preservation.How can we, factories, enterprises and community, disregard these global problems?               It is time to take action for the sake of ourselves, family, society, country, the world and especially our next generation. CES Co., Ltd. is an environmental consultancy helping your business and society toward environmental safety with our main services on Environmental-Social Impact Assessment and Climate Change.