Agro-industry investment projects (rubber)


Firstly, 7MAKARA PHARY Co., LTD has requested the Government of Cambodia to grant 10,000 hectares of land concessions located in Nhan commune, Andoung Meas district, Rattanak Kiri province. Upon reviewing the proposed site, there are 8,655 hectares of economic land concessions, the old location of Heng Development Company, where the government has canceled previous contracts and contracts. Then, by the Notice of Publication No. 571 NS dated on May 12, 2011, the Council of Ministers decided in principle to grant 8,655 hectares of concession land to 7 Makara Phirima Company to make clear management and development plans. Recognize professional institutions and support from local authorities and local communities.
After signing a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the company requesting the Ministry of Review to decide on the Company's Master Plan in a letter of request number 0003/12. 7 July 2008 dated July 30, 2012, but this request was not authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, pursuant to Letter No 7685/756, dated on October 04, 2012 by Unconditional Cause Move the land of the people and the land, keep and ask the company to cooperate with the province to carry out this work.
The company cooperated with local and local authorities to draft land related to the people and the land area. As a result, the total land area of ​​9,009 hectares was maintained and reduced from two concessions. 851 hectares, including 559 hectares of waterways, forest reserves of 553 hectares, 1,720 people's land, 19 hectares of devastating demons, Other land remaining for investments amounted to 6,158 hectares (according to the letter No. 7685/756.. Dated 04 October 2012 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). Thereafter, there were additional cuts following the actual measurements with the provincial and local authorities, which were only 2,440.12 hectares. The rubber plantation project is a large-scale industrial plantation located in Nhan commune, Andoung Meas district, Rattanak Kiri province. The land area of ​​6,188 hectares has the potential to grow rubber plantations. The site is located about 6.06 kilometers to Andong Meas district near the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, about 0.09 kilometers to the Sesan Sea and 10.12 kilometers to the boundary of the park. Vireak Chey (Straight Line).
The duration of the project implementation is 50 years (from June 29, 2012), complete implementation of 11 years of cultivated land. The company plans to start planting in 2014 and complete planting by 2024.
According to the land use plan, it is divided into 11 sub-regions, including the entire area. Of which, 2,069.12 ha for rubber cultivation and 371 ha for construction of infrastructure including land transport system, concession, construction, irrigation, construction, construction, construction and other construction. In order to carry out the project, the company has already removed some relevant land, such as the land of 1,729 ha, and the forest land of 553 ha. Land 19 ha and Thua Thor Oo land area of ​​559 hectares in Phase 1 and added to Phase 2 after the request from the people.
Practices for planting seedlings (Clones): GT11, PB260, RRIM600, IRCA230, PB217 IRCA18, RRIC100, PB235, IRCA130 KV4 VM 515. All these clones are from Vietnam and the local breed is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The process of cultivation is generally the density of the stem between 500-555 acres per ha.
Maintenance of Rubber NPK-20-10-5 + TE Rubber Crushing Plant PADAVIL 50FL (50% Cartendazin, Dithan M-45 and BIG STAR). Usage is not routinely used, depending on the actual health of the rubber and the accidental disease. Regarding the reduction of grass seedlings, the company uses a variety of plants, but only beans, which are able to determine the amount of air in the air and survival, depending on the interaction of certain bacteria such as Rhizo biom On the roots.
The climate in the area as well as in Rattanakiri province has an annual average temperature of about 27 ° C. The amount of rainfall increased from 2010 to 2013 (2,682.8 mm) and the lowest amount in 2010 (415.8 mm) was a favorable factor to irrigate Rubber enough.
According to a study of the project site located in mountainous and highland areas near the border line bordering on the southwestern peninsula to the northeast of the project area, the East and Southeastern is the boundary between the Kingdom Cambodia and Vietnam, and to the west, near Ta Xia, Nhan Nang, Tang Ji and Dale villages. In the area there is a ground up to 110 m. To 360 mm. And an average height of 214.46 mm. Compared to sea level with a standard deviation of 47,18 mm. By observing the status of the project's altitude, the project has a low variation towards the south, which is between 304 and 193 m high, while between between the points K (R) and R (R), we observe The elevation to the west will be between 249 and 138 meters and is near the village point. The slopes there are unevenly varying, almost everywhere, with variations of nearly 20 degrees.